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Présentation de SimOïko

What does SimOïko simulate?

SimOïko performs a simulation of the life of fauna and flora in a digitized landscape.
Simulation consists in bringing to life individuals who are born, reproduce and move over time according to the characteristics of their species (life cycle and behaviors) and the landscape in which they live. The life cycles and behaviors modeled in Simoyko are based on scientific data and include many parameters such as dispersal mode, fecundity, survival and ability to move in different habitat types (called friction, permeability).

Virtual reality simulated by SimOïko

réalité virtuelle simulée par SimOïko

Origins of SimOïko

SimOïko takes its origin in Sylvain Moulherat's thesis work on the MetaConnect simulator for the European SCALES program at the CNRS Station for Theoretical and Experimental Ecology (Moulherat S., 2014). The objective of MetaConnect was to propose the first modular simulator in meta-population dynamics, spatially explicit, individual based and stochastic. MetaConnect was a tool for synthesizing the models developed by ecology research. The models validated for their realism against the field data were selected. Each template defines a module in MetaConnect. The modularity of MetaConnect makes it possible to simulate species with very different ecologies in a realistic way.

Since 2012, TerrOïko's R & D team has been working on the transfer of MetaConnect to SimOïko by adding new modules and features. Discover our R & D programs.

Modularity of SimOïko:

modularity of SimOïko

Each of the modules corresponds to a different ecological behavior or mechanism and is configured with 1 to several parameters. Take the example of the 6 breeding modules, they are configurable in terms of matching system and fertility (example: A monogamous bird with an average annual fecundity of 3 chicks).

Realism of SimOïko

SimOiko is a modeling tool that has demonstrated a high level of realism under operational conditions of use. Through collaborative projects with various research teams (SETE-CNRS, CEFE-CNRS, EDB), SimOïko's results were confronted with field data (population genetic data). These works have validated the SimOiko realism on many taxa (birds, insects, amphibians, etc.). In a process of continuous improvement, the TerrOïko team systematically validates the realism of the new SimOïko modules with field data.

réalisme de SimOïko

Comparison of genetic data from field (butterfly) and simulated populations with Simoiko (polygons) in the framework of the CIRFE program